International university collaboration to tackle Ross River Virus

An international collaboration to discover and develop new therapeutic drugs is set to find new treatments for Ross River Virus. The mosquito-borne virus is widespread across Australia and the South Pacific, and is responsible for the debilitating Ross River fever that strikes about 5000 Australians each year.  The collaboration involves Drug Innovation Ventures at Emory, LLC (DRIVE) and UniQuest, the commercialization company of The University of Queensland (UQ), through the Queensland Emory Drug Discovery Initiative (QEDDI). The project is the first for QEDDI, a new drug development capability established at UQ, managed by UniQuest and supported by the Queensland Government through the Advance Queensland initiative. In the collaboration, DRIVE will use its expertise in medicinal chemistry to deliver potential drug candidates to UQ for investigation using their expertise in the area of Ross River Virus for antiviral testing. The groups will then collaborate on the further development of any promising drug candidates for the treatment of Ross River Virus, with...Read More >