Industry Collaborations

Providing a Pipeline

Drive’s expertise allows it to move basic discoveries from early stage academic environments to commercially ripe opportunities. We can work in collaboration to provide industry with a pipeline of new therapeutic opportunities.

Government Collaborations

Driving Biodefense

Most people know little about the emerging viral diseases that threaten the developed and the developing world, or the potential use of viruses for biological attack. DRIVE is actively pursuing therapeutics to protect communities from a plethora of largely unknown, but very alarming, viral diseases, whether emerging or purposely introduced by man.


Innovations that Drive a Return on Investment

DRIVE is developing small molecule drugs that address commercially important viruses, including RSV, HCV, influenza virus, and dengue fever virus. With the support of investors, we can spin off companies around these opportunities to fully commercialize the opportunity.


A Not-for-Profit Biotech Company

DRIVE is unique as a 501(c)(3) entity. Our non-profit status and unique approach allows us to receive funding to not only address commercial needs, but also the unmet needs in biodefense and in the developing world. Many of the world’s most threatening viral diseases remain unaddressed. We rely on a combination of donor, government, venture and industry funding to develop drugs for the viral diseases that are currently untreatable. Unlike most not-for-profit companies, we apply industry rigor and experience to our approach, reducing waste and increasing the chance of success. Please let us know if you are interested in helping.

Academic Collaborations

The Best of Both Worlds

Research universities have the expertise, infrastructure, and willingness to invest in research. We rely on great academic partnerships to help provide the novel therapeutics we seek to move through development. We are uniquely designed to collaborate with research universities to efficiently conduct and document scientific studies that are needed for regulatory approval of therapeutic agents.