Most people know little of the viral diseases that threaten the borders of the developed world and the interiors of the developing world. DRIVE is creating and developing therapeutics to protect communities from a world of largely unknown, but very alarming, viral diseases.

There are a number of stages within the drug development continuum. The segment that begins with discovery and extends through Phase II of clinical development has proven to be the most prone to failure. Failure rates can exceed 90% – with each failure representing an average investment loss of over $10 million. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has referred to this critical segment of the drug development process as the “Valley of Death”.

With the combined resources and expertise of DRIVE – in partnership with the resources of EMORY University – we are uniquely positioned to bridge this ‘valley of death.’ Led by Dr. George Painter, a world renowned authority on the development of antiviral drugs, our team of experts have the real world experience vital to steering a drug through the development continuum.

Our unique approach empowers our team to in-license attractive development opportunities and move these opportunities quickly and efficiently down the development continuum to meet critical needs for new therapeutic agents.