CEO | Director, Emory Institute of Drug Development | Professor of Pharmacology, Emory University School of Medicine

George is a world renowned authority on the development of antiviral drugs. As the former worldwide Director of Research Process and International Deputy Therapeutic Head for Antiviral Research at GlaxoWellcome, George has spent his life’s work on the discovery and development of therapeutics. George also held the role of EVP and founder at Triangle Pharmaceuticals where he oversaw the development of Emtricitabine through NDA filing. As CEO and founder of Chimerix, George brought CMX001, a broad spectrum antiviral, through Phase 2b and CMX157, an antiviral active against HIV and HBV, through Phase 1 clinical trials.

David Perryman, JD

Chief Operating Officer

As founder and CEO of ZIRUS, David oversaw the development of a host based antiviral drug platforms. David was the Head of the Biotechnology Patent Group at Needle & Rosenberg as the group rose to national prominence through its association with the NIH, NIAID, and the CDC. He was also a co-founder of Georgia Venture Partners and a co-founder and member of the Board of Directors at Maxia Pharmaceuticals, where he directed the strategy of the drug patent portfolio before it was acquired by Incyte Pharmaceuticals.

Dennis C Liotta, Ph.D.

Founder, Advisor and Collaborator

Over the past two and a half decades Dr. Dennis Liotta’s research has focused on the discovery and development of novel antiviral, anticancer and anti-inflammatory therapeutic agents. He is recognized as one of the premier discoverers of novel therapeutics, having been one of the inventors associated with ten FDA approved therapeutics including Epivir, Combivir, Trizivir, Epzicom, Epivir-HBV, Emtriva, Truvada, Atripla, Complera and Stribid. In addition, he is the inventor of record for several clinically important antivirals, including Epivir, Reverset, Racivir and Elvucitabine. Dennis has authored approximately 250 peer reviewed publications and is an inventor on 75 issued US patents. A company he founded, Pharmasset (acquired by Gilead Sciences) developed Sofosbuvir, which has become the first line therapy for treating (and perhaps curing) hepatitis C. In addition, he has founded numerous other companies including, inter alia: (a) Altiris; (b) Triangle Pharmaceuticals (c) NeurOp); (d) QUE Oncology, a joint venture owned by the University of Queensland and Emory.